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More info: http://www.icome.tsme.org/icome2019/


Name Date
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15-September-2019 23:59 UTC+07:00
Abstract Acceptance Notification Date : 15-September-2019 23:59 UTC+07:00
Full Manuscript Submission Deadline : 15-September-2019 23:59 UTC+07:00
Full Manuscript Acceptance Notification Date : 20-October-2019 23:59 UTC+07:00
Camera-Ready Manuscript Submission Deadline : 04-November-2019 23:59 UTC+07:00
Early-bird Registration Deadline : 04-November-2019 23:59 UTC+07:00
Conference Dates: (10 - 13 December 2018) 10-December-2019 00:01 UTC+07:00

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TSME-ICoME 2019 Committee School of Mechanical Engineering, Suranaree University of Technology
111 University Avenue, Muang,
Nakhon Ratchasima 30000 THAILAND
(+66) 4422-4410
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